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Terry E. Robinson, M.D., Associate Professor, Pediatrics-Pulmonary Medicine (View Academic Profile)

Since completing his Stanford Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship in 1996, Dr. Robinson has focused his research interest on the detection of early and progressive Cystic Fibrosis structural lung disease. Current research efforts involve utilization of low dose infant & children CT imaging protocols and quantitative airway and air trapping algorithms to evaluate early and progressive CF disease.

Research Assistant Program & Graduate Students - Cystic Fibrosis CT Imaging Program at Stanford

Since 1997, the lab has had over 40 participants including both foreign medical graduates and Stanford University undergraduate students as well as non-Stanford students. Two additional graduate students (Post-Doctoral physician & graduate student in Statistics) have worked in the lab in 2001 and 2003. Over the last ten years the lab has involved computer programmers to develop new innovative post-processing algorithms.

Of the 21 foreign medical graduate students involved in our lab, 15 successfuly matriculated into residency programs. One of the foreign medical gradates went on to become Chief Resident of her program (Krishna Kesavaraju), two completed advanced fellowship training in Infectious Disease (Nimisha Mishra) and in Pediatric Pulmonology in 2005 (Manisha Newaskar).  Dr. Newaskar has since gone on to become a member of the Pulomonary Faculty at Children’s Hosptial and Research Center, Oakland, CA.  The postdoctoral physician (Sophie Germain-Thomas Bonnel) completed subspecialty training in Pediatric Pulmonology and is currently on pulmonary faculty for CRCM, Versailles, France.

In 2007, Dr. Pavi Raman joined our lab as a Research Assistant to coordinate a two year natural history study in patients with mild CF lung disease. Dr. Raman continued to work in the lab through 2010 and participated in several research projects.

Research Assistants

Mignote Yilma, a 2010 Stanford University Graduate, participated as a research assistant from 2010 to 2012 and is currently a medical degree candidate at Charles Drew University School of Medicine. At the 2012 ATS Conference Mignote presented a poster entitled, "The quantitative definition of air trapping depends on the quality of the repiratory maneuver". Christin Tu, replaced, Mignote Yilma, as a reseach assistant from 2012-2013. She presented an abstract, “Increased bronchial wall thickness (BWT) and bronchiectasis (B) scores are strongly associated with increased quantitative regional air trapping in young children with early CF lung disease” at the Packard Children’s Hospital Fourth Annual Pediatric Research Retreat in the Spring, 2013.  She is currently medical degree candidate at St. Louis University School of Medicine. Tiglath Ziyeh, a pre-medical student graduate from U.C. Davis, worked as a lab research assistant for 2013 through mid 2014 and is currently a medical degree candidate at Albany Medical College.  Dasha Savage, a recent graduate of Stanford University with a minor in Biological Sciences completed a role as research assistant in 2016 and is now collaborating on a publication while applying to medical school.

Visiting Scholars

In 2011, Dr. Dario Prais, Pediatric Pulmonologist at Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel was a Visiting Scholar in our lab and completed a project entitled, “Early increased bronchial wall thickness and bronchiectasis scores are strongly associated with increased quantitative regional air trapping in young CF children,” which was presented at the 2012 ATS Conference.

Fellowship Program:

Research participation is available through the Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship program. Within the three year program, fellows may elect specific scholarly/educational research activities. For further information on the fellowship program please see: Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship

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